Branded tracking page

Branded tracking pages ensure a seamless customer experience from browsing to order arrival.

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Exclusive benefits of branded tracking page
Boost repeat purchases

Send regular post-purchase updates and promotions through your branded order-tracking page.

Enjoy easy setup and customization

Support multiple templates & freely customized page.

Extend the shopping experience

Keep the brand experience going beyond the order by using a branded tracking page throughout the fulfillment process.

Re-engage shoppers

Offers links to site deals, product recommendations and social media presence.

Benefits tracking page
What you can do with branded tracking page powered by Omega
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Customize tracking page display

Add pictures and product links to upsell
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Add product recommendations

Add pictures and product links to upsell
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Add marketing assets

Embed creatives on the tracking page to increase repeat purchases
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Display review panel

Proactively ask customers for reviews and additional comments on the tracking page.
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Link to social media channels

Add as many as social media accounts of your business on the tracking page
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Provide Returns/ Terms/ Privacy page

Help customers more details of return policies and others.

What people say about us

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This app delivers 100% of what it says it does. Integration with my Shopify account was piece of cake. I had a query and the support got back to me the following day. The real-time tracking works like a Swiss watch and all this for free!!! I am very grateful to the owner behind this app. I just started my online shop, and I have to install to run it successfully! Many thanks Omega!

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Brandon Nalband
Chief Executive Officer

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This app is good. If you want shipping branding of your own with own branded email notification to your clients with wonderful reporting then this app has is all and it is for free on top of that. The customer service is wonderful. I highly recommend it.

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Emma Barnes
Production Manager

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Good application although it is not completely finalized. The customer support and technical team are very responsive. I asked to make some changes and the technical team made them very quickly.I am really satisfied.

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Jared Truscott
Product management director

Elevate your shipping experience with a game-changing branded tracking page!